Thank You

“Thanks to those who hurt me,

    u made me a stronger

Thanks to those who loved me,

   u made my heart bigger.
Thanks to those who cared,

    u made me feel important.
 Thanks to those who worried,

    u let me know that u care.
 Thanks to those who left,

  u showed me that not

  everything is forever. 
Thanks to those who stayed,

  u showed me the meaning of

  true friends. 
Thanks to those who entered

                     my life, 

   u helped me become the

   person I am today.”
There’s a reason for every person who passes through ur life whether they stay or not..
There’s a reason for every single thing that has & is happening to u…
Until u learn the lesson, until u see the blessings, until u learn to trust & have faith in the One Who Wants what’s best for u,  u’l always be stuck & unable to move on.
Thank ﷲ͜عَزَّوَجَــــلfor every single thing every single moment. اَلْحَمْــــدُﷲ all the time!

He is Al Hakeem

The All Wise 

He does the proper thing in the proper way in the proper place & the proper time because He wants what is best for ur Dunya & Âakhîrah                  


Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu 
Angels of Light Team would like to express their utmost gratitude in the very quick response to our plea for the 2 month old baby,Alhumdulillah,  May Allah Ta’ala reward you All abundantly! Aameen, our next requirements  are 

Baby  food 

nappies and toiletries Only 
Jazakhallah Khayr once again 

for more info contact:
Rasool – 061 781 9747/ Watsup

Jamila – 082 582 5609

Apa Mariam – 076 473 5810