Our Mission

Angels of light was created by my Mother Jamila Lathiff in memory of my late Father Mohamed Lathiff (Jimmy bhai) late Moulana Ismail and Late Moulana Asad of Lotus Gardens
We are new and InshAllah  wish to remain forever for our community and people in our area. Our aim is to help whoever and wherever we can and our vision is to eradicate the impoverished state of our area successfully. With kind assistance and support from donors and duas from all, we will sincerely and humbly accomplish our envisaged goal. At this stage I wish to humbly thank Appa Mariam for her vast knowledge and kind assistance in contributing towards our organisation. An earnest appeal once again for duas for marhooms Mahomed Lathiff
Moulana Ismail and Moulana Asad.
JazakAllah khair

by Rasool Janjua

A -Allah’s work we do
N-Non Profit we are too
G-Goodness we want to acquire
E -Education we inspire
L- Lotus Gardens is where we are
S -Sisters united we are


O-Organisation we are indeed
F-Fulfilling the poor man’s need


L-Lighting up your life
I -InshaAllah
G-Gardens of Bliss is waiting in
H-Heavens not so far
T-Teaching the basic things in life ; giving you all a better life🌷