Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu
Angels of Light and Team would like to bring the Farm to the People of 

Lotus Gardens in  Pretoria   South Africa  

to educate them on what Qurbani is all about and how it is to be celebrated amongst Family and friends and the joys of witnessing the slaughtering of an Animal 
A meal to be prepared for

300 people by The Angels of Light and Team 
Kindly open up your Hearts to make this possible for us to provide a meal and snack to the  less fortunate on that day Ameen 
One mutton & 

One Chicken Biryani 

Cost Per Degh


410 Dollars – Per Degh
🌷Project 2
Kindly open up your Hearts to make this possible for us to Donate a 
Cow  from

R12000 to R14000 

900 to 1040 Dollars
Sheep from

R2200 to R3000

165 to 230 Dollars 
Each or you are  Welcome to have the Live Animal delivered to us on the

Day of Eid
We also require a big Freezer so that the meat can be stored in for distribution 

Big Freezer 
R7500 to R10000

570 Dollars to 760 Dollars
These 2 projects are required  to be done as Lotus Garden is a Poor community and our Revert Muslim Ummah don’t know what is Qurbani, and don’t have  enough to enjoy a  meal everyday. 

With the Qurbani meat that would be provided ,  It will be distributed amongst our Ummah so they will be able enjoy a decent meal that u and I have everyday, at our tables. 

So help us to make this possible to make another heart and soul Happy ,and see a beautiful thank u smile on an innocent child’s face. A smile is all we need.
Kindly take note all prices depends on the rate of exchange 
Banking Details 

Bank: First National Bank

Name of Account : Angels of Light Organisation

Acc No: 62716342829

Branch Code: 250-845

Branch: Silverton 

Angels of Light Organisation – 

NPO No: 172-454
JazakhAllah Khair  For more info contact /whatsapp
Rasool – 061 781 9747

Jamila – 082 582 5609

Apa Mariam Dhooma – 076 473 5810

NB: NPO Certificate & Tax Exemption Certificate can be forwarded if needed



Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu 
Angels of Light is looking for Baby clothing for a 2month old Baby Boy. He was born with cataract. Yesterday he had the eye operation so will only know by Saturday InshAllah what is his true state of his vision, for the Future  ,May Allah restore his eyesight Ameen. Any kind hearted people out there open up your hearts to sponsor the child something From Toiletries Clothing Blankets every single thing that a baby would need. 
Allah will reward each n everyone of u abundantly  InshaAllah
Jazakhallah Khair for more info contact:
Rasool – 061 781 9747

Jamila – 082 582 5609

Apa Mariam – 076 473 5810