About our Organisation

To whom it may concern !
Our organisation Angels of Light are a registered community based non-profit organisation operating by the grace of the Almighty from our humble abode in Lotus Gardens,Pretoria. We can only summarise our functions and objectives as follows:
1.We cater with the grace of our maker for street kids, orphans,handicapped children as well as the elderly folk in our community and the surrounding areas of Atteridgeville as well as Saulsville, by humbly providing them with clothes and accommodation.
2.We also by His blessed grace engage them in organised activities such as sports,knitting sewing and beading , arts n crafts and many other related extra mural activities.
We have classes by the power of our Lord to teach them our Religion and to ensure they practice the proper etiquette before we empower them with various skills.
We therefore humbly request for any donation from concerned and generous parties that share our plight.
Donations can be in any form of cash /kind ranging from food parcels to old or unused material,goods or clothing,drinks and anything good that you would wish to contribute.
We therefore humbly request you to open your hearts to our earnest appeal .
Thank You
Contact :
Rasool – 061 781 9747
Jamila – 082 582 5609
Apa Mariam – 076 473 5810