Look around at our circumstances. Today many of us live in comfortable homes, have access to top medical help, drive around in luxury and generally have a great life. Yet when we are asked about our lives, we cannot stop lamenting about our problems. From the cashier at your local supermarket to friends on the phone we will whinge and whine about our aches and pains, our family, our lack of something or the other. A general ‘how are you ‘ is answered by a list of complaints and grievances. 
Why have we become a nation of complainers? 
We really have so much to be grateful for. Across the world people ravaged by war or floods have understood the concept of gratitude.  We have become so complacent not realizing that even the simple bounties can also be snatched away. A direct Reminder from the Qur’an Shareef. 
” If you are grateful, I will surely increase you (in favour) ; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.”
Daily let us take time out each morning to just praise اللّـه, from the most basic bounties like our senses to the wonderful home and cars and children He has granted to us.
Use these bounties of اللّـه Ta’ala to serve His Deen. Our wealth and time should be spent in the path of اللّـه Ta’ala, our children should be sent to correct Islamic Institutions so that they can be moulded to grow up with the concern of the Aakhirah and not the Dunya
Inculcate in ourselves that what we have is not ours. This wealth and children that we have is a bonus from Almighty اللّـه Ta’ala and we shall be questioned regarding it. Focus on that we will continually make Shukr for being so blessed.
May Almighty اللّـه Ta’ala make us from the Shaakireen (those who continually make Shukr)

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