Jonathan Rossouw


A feeding pram that is required for this child👆👆👆👆

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Angels of Light is requesting 

Some help for this child in need
Jonathan Rossouw suffers from Micro cephaly as well as seizures from the age of 2. He is on chronic medication to control the seizures and receives treatment when necessary as a patient at Kalafong hospital.  He requires aid with walking, suffers from incontinence and is unable to feed himself 

Jonathan needs 24 hour care and is in desperate need of basic toiletries and especially disposable napkins at this stage (size small)
Any contributions in the form of clothing (13 -14 years). food items, toiletries, any basic necessities or even a little treat will be highly appreciated. 
May the Almighty reward all our contributors abundantly. Ameen 
We already have a wheel chair that was recently sponsored. 

A humble request for an incline bed and a feeding pram would be much appreciated 
Jzk Khair 

Delivery can be made to 

No 5 Bine Crescent Lotus Gardens

Rasool : 061 781 9747

Jamila : 082 582 5609

Apa Mariam: 076 473 5810

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